W5 - Create A Rollercoaster

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Create A Rollercoaster

Saturday 25 April 2015

Saturday 25 April 12noon - 5pm

Roller coasters are a scream! Some twist and turn, others freefall and loop but did you know that roller coaster cars don’t have any engines? So what makes them speed up or slow down and how do the cars stay on the tracks without flying off? The answer is good design and science! 

Join our demonstrators to learn how Roller Coasters use gravity, inertia and momentum to send a car speeding down a winding track in a series of exciting twists, turns, climbs and drops.  

Bring your family along for the ride and combine science and creativity in a fantastic group challenge event. We need help designing and building a W5 Roller Coaster. Using a mix of train tracks, construction toys and props we want to build the biggest, most impressive model coaster we possibly can, in just 5 hours!