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Career Paths

Welcome to the W5 Careers home page with science and engineering links covering possible careers in science and engineering, and access to further and higher education courses. 

This site is designed to give you a range of information, particularly through linked websites, which will help you to make more mature and informed decisions about what you can do after 16 or 18.

Choose a group of occupations (some areas are included in more than one category):


Environmental Sciences

Including earth sciences, engineering, environment and health, and forensic science.

Engineering and Technology

Including architecture and construction, manufacturing and a range of occupations in design, technology and engineering.


Including medicine (hospital and general practice), nursing and ancillary work, medical science and technology, pharmacy, and a range of therapies. 

Life Sciences

Including biology and biochemistry (with food science), agricultural sciences, forensic science and technology, medical science and technology, and veterinary work.

Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Including mathematics and statistics, information and communications technology, chemistry, physics, geology, pharmacy and their applications.

General (areas not fitting into other categories)

Including photography, police and the armed services, teaching, journalism, and occupations concerned with developing the public appreciation of science and technology.  

This site acknowledges information provided by the Institute of Physics publication Careers using Science.